About Us

Nature's Elements Co. began its journey in the heart of Seattle, WA at the University of Washington campus. Surrounded by mountains, water, and thousands of miles of trails, and with an appreciation of candles it was only natural for our company to be born.

We chose Nature's Element's as our focus because when you are out in the woods - hiking another trail - earth, water, air, and fire is all you are surrounded with. We want to bring this aspect of the wilderness into your home to remind you of what is out there.

We have a strong commitment towards sustainability and protecting the environment because we do not want to destroy what allowed us to exist in the first place. We use a mix of organic and natural premium ingredients in our products. Our candles are hand-poured, our soaps handmade and all our home decor is ethically sourced first hand. Go ahead and browse our store, and let our candles take you back to nature, back to the start.

100% satisfaction guaranteed